The Business Network and Global Sourcing Marketplace for the Clothing, Textile, and Fashion Industries


And all other industries related to or supporting the global clothing industry.

A Community Built For People Who

Design, Make, Supply, and Sell Clothing



A Marketplace Designed For The Clothing Industries

Connect with Hundreds of Millions Across The Globe

  • 14.5 million in 1990

  • 13.1 million in 1995

  • 13.0 million in 2000

  • 24.8 million in 2014​​

02 / U.S.
  • 19.7 million in 1990

  • 16.8 million in 1995

  • 13.5 million in 2000

  • 33.0 million in 2014​​

  • 34.2 million in 1990

  • 29.9 million in 1995

  • 26.5 million in 2000

  • 57.8 million in 2014​​

The Clothing Industry Is Worth Over 3 Trillion Dollars With

Annual Growth of 5.5% Per Year


These 10 Segments Are Worth Almost 1.7 Trillion Dollars


Womenswear is valued at $621 billion

Menswear is valued at $402 billion

The luxury goods market is worth $339.4 billion

Childrenswear is value at $186 billion

Sports footwear is valued at $90.4 billion

Bridalwear is valued at $57 billion

Cosmetics & Grooming:

Skin Care is valued at $24 billion

Make-up is valued at $18 billion

Hair Care Products at $38 billion 

Perfumes/Colognes at $15 billion

*The McKinsey Global Fashion Index and The Business of Fashion




Have you ever wanted to work in a clothing store, design a better fireman's coat, start a fashion blog, or maybe even become an export agent? Many have dreams and aspirations of starting their own business or working for an established company within the clothing industry. There are 7.4 billion people in this world and someone wants what you have to offer. They just need a better place to find you.


The clothing industry is massive with layers upon layers of people at every stage of production. It’s almost impossible for anyone a few stages apart to connect directly. The clothing, fashion, and textile industries have their own specific needs which other platforms aren't able to satisfy. This problem requires a networking and sourcing platform focused on your needs, not theirs.


Apparl is the premier business networking and sourcing marketplace for the global clothing, textile, and fashion industries. The Apparl platform connects buyers, sellers, manufacturers, designers, farmers, models, and more into a single community. Find partners to help from concept to completion. Apparl is breaking down barriers between people at every production stage.

EVERY single profession in  the industry is covered by one of our main categories below or one of their many sub-categories.
  • Manufacturers

  • Fashion

  • Haircare

  • Eyewear

  • Directories

  • Education

  • Wholesalers

  • Modeling

  • Media

  • Jewelry

  • Business Services

  • Design

  • Associations

  • Transportation

  • Retailers

  • Cosmetics/Grooming

  • Interior Design

  • Events

  • Technology

  • Warehouse





Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Apparl is the brainchild of Founder, Alpatrick Golphin. He's been involved in the sports, fashion, and entertainment industries since the early 90's, having a particular passion for action sports and motorsports apparel. After years of cultivating business relationships with creative people from around the world who make this clothing industry so vast, Alpatrick realized that something was missing. It became clear to him just how important it was for people within the industry to have access to all of the resources and information they'd ever need to start and/or scale their respective businesses or careers within the industry. The multi-trillion dollar clothing industry needed it's own home and this home should be carried in their pockets. Other websites and social platforms can be convoluted, catering to a plethora of industries, making it harder to find the connections you need without a VERY strong search filtering game. Every major industry has it’s own prominent platforms that houses those industries and its resources. Wouldn’t it make sense for the global clothing industry to have a prominent home? This idea led to the founding of Apparl. 



Founder & Chief Design Officer

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Shaun's primary role at Apparl is to create a great experience for our users. He is also responsible for maintaining our brand across all mediums and social platforms. Prior to co-founding Apparl, Shaun was co-founder and Creative Director of Royall Advertising. Under his leadership, the agency grew from a 3-person shop with a single client to a business with offices in Orlando and New York City and dozens of clients with a national and international footprint.


Shaun has been responsible for the successful launch of countless websites. He has also lead several app projects as a Product Designer for Thinkified. Now that his ad agency has been acquired, Shaun will bring his talents and experience to build Apparl into a global community for the textile, clothing, and fashion industries.



Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Danny is responsible for long term technology direction and overseeing Apparl's technical architecture. Prior to founding Apparl, Danny was owner of both web development and mobile application development companies where he led the development of many websites and mobile applications for iOS, Android, webOS and others. Earlier in his career he worked at UNISYS, iBelong Networks, Hewlett-Packard, and other Fortune 500 companies. Today, Danny  has amassed a successful track record in software development, being a self-taught programmer since the late 90's to being an up and coming developer today. His unquenchable  thirst for learning will always keep him on the bleeding edge of technology. He likes all things related to aviation, when he as time, he likes to run and train for road races. He uses various developer groups to stay abreast of the local tech scene and leverages the wealth of knowledge his fellow developers share.

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Lead UI/UX Designer

Gen is Mobile app UI/UX designer who loves to create minimal, user-centered designs that focuses on a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. she enjoys turning complex ideas into a simple usable interface for the real world.

"The less you explain, the better the design".



Lead Developer 

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Ekta is an iOS developer with over 5 years of experience in the application of advanced information technology solutions delivering high business impact to organizations within the financial services, retail, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. She has done business in more than 8 countries across Asia Pacific, the US, Latin America and Europe. Ekta also has hands-on experience managing teams that develop PHP, iOS, Android etc. Ekta looks after the development of Apparl.



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